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I have been with Farm Bureau for several years now. They have taken good care of us on the auto side, but NOT on homeowners.

They tell you about everything that's covered when you buy the policy; only to tell you what's NOT covered when you make a claim. Taking my auto and home elsewhere at renewal!! This the second claim they have denied. Their agents have failed to disclose exclusions and limitations.

I keeping adding coverages to my policy, but they always come out with some reason to deny the claim. I certainly will not recommend them.

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I’m having the same issue with a pipe that busted from my restroom upstairs that caused a significant amount of damage to the restroom and the room below completely destroying everything my son owned and due to mold and mildew my son can’t even be in the house or we risk him getting extremely sick when called to file I was told they only do weather damage how on gods green earth is that possible I’ve paid for my policy never a day late for 12 yrs what’s the point in having something that doesn’t cover your home?

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